Daniela Rossi premières Jeffrey McFadden’s Regondi Tribute

The Argentinian guitarist Daniela Rossi has given an online concert for the La Kalimba Arts Centre in Belén de Escobar, Argentina, as part of their online concert series, performing a selection of Etudes from Ten EtudesEtude No. 2: Andante con Moto; Etude No. 4: Adagio Cantabile; Etude 6: Andante; Etude No. 8: Allegretto con moto ben marcato la melodia; and Etude No. 9: Larghetto by Giulio Regondi (c.1822–1872), as well as his Introduction et Caprice Op. 23. The highlight of the concert is the première of Rumores de Perales written for Daniela Rossi by the Canadian guitarist and composer, Jeffrey McFadden (b. 1963). Rumores de Perales is dedicated to Daniela Rossi and her inspiration, Giulio Regondi and in particular, Regondi’s Etude No. 2.

To watch the programme Live Streaming on Saturday 5 December 2020 AVAILABLE TO WATCH UNTIL midnight Friday 11 December 2020

Daniela Rossi, who has been living in Cambridge, UK for a number of years, has distinguished herself by winning prizes in international guitar competitions in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Germany, Spain and of course the United Kingdom, where she won First Prize at 3rd IGF London International Guitar Competition in 2015.

For more on Daniela Rossi, see www.danielarossiguitarist.com

© Thérèse Wassily Saba 2020

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