Classical Guitar marks Colin Cooper’s 90th


Manuel Barrueco interviewed by Colin Cooper and Thérèse Wassily Saba at the Koblenz International Guitar Festival 2006

Colin was born on 5 July 1926 – today would have been his 90th birthday!


I know that he is missed by so many of us in the classical guitar world, as he was such an important part of so many guitarists lives, writing about them, photographing them, corresponding with them at length, encouraging them and most of all, making all of us laugh a lot.

Here is the start of an interview which we did together at the 2006 Koblenz International Guitar Festival. You can hear Manuel Barrueco, Asgerdur Sigurdadottir and of course Colin. This was recorded in May 2006, just before his 80th birthday.

Colin died suddenly on Saturday 25 August 2012; he was still writing for Classical Guitar magazine up to the final hours of his life, for which we are all grateful.

This day, 5 July, will now be marked not only for the birth of Colin Cooper, but also sadly, for the death of Alirio Diaz, who has died today at the age of 92.

© 2016 Thérèse Wassily Saba

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