GRIGORYAN BROTHERS @RoyalAlbertHall 3 September 2022

The duo of Slava and Leonard Grigoryan will be performing in the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 3 September 2022, presenting their new project called

This Is Us: A Musical Reflection of Australia

Slava and Len

The 18 compositions which they have written for the project, celebrating the 20th anniversary of National Museum of Australia, were inspired by 18 personally selected objects from the vast collection at the Museum, tracing Australia’s diverse and complex history. The duo have internationally established reputations as performers of classical, jazz and contemporary music, and they use their unique, cross-genre experiences to create compositions on a range of guitars (electric, 8-string tenor ukulele, 12 string and classical), as well as the four double-course tenor ukulele.

While the Grigoryan Brothers are performing, we can view the particular museum object which inspired the composition projected on a screen behind, using high-definition 3D video; this combination of museum pieces, some dating back 60,000 years and their music make this a unique and deeply moving concert experience.

Here is an introduction to Len and Slava Grigoryan’s This Is Us: A Musical Reflection of Australia

The music for this project was written and recorded during lockdown and the recording was released on ABC Classic in April 2021:

LM2112-R-GRIGORYANTheir visit to the UK has included performances at the Edinburgh Festival at the end of August 2022, but as always, reflecting their long-term working relationships with so many artists and performers, as well as giving performances of This Is Us, they performed with the oud player Joseph Tawdros. Just before leaving Australia, they squeezed in some touring with the flamenco guitarist Paco Peña, in between playing the live soundtrack for the award-winning film A Boy Called Sailboat by Cameron Nugent

For more on the National Museum of Australia, visit.

For their This Is Us album on Amazon

Or another of my very favourites, their father’s transcriptions of The Seasons by Tchaikovsky:

© Thérèse Wassily Saba 2022

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