TU Dublin Conservatoire: Conversations with Renowned Guitarists

Marco Ramelli, Lecturer in Classical Guitar at TU Dublin Conservatoire and Dublin-based classical guitarist Eoin Flood have been organising a series of lectures dedicated to the classical guitar’s repertoire. Although they were originally designed for the students at TU Dublin Conservatoire, Marco and Eoin has generously opened up the class to the public.

Under the title of ‘A Cup of Tea Together’, these online repertoire classes are held on Tuesdays at 4–5pm, Dublin time.

On Tuesday 26 May 2020Fabio Zanon, of the Royal Academy of Music London, will lecture on the Repertoire written for Julian Bream.

On Tuesday 2 June 2020Michael O’Toole will lecture on the John Williams: New Directions for the Classical Guitar.

On Tuesday 9 June 2020Steve Goss will lecture on the Julian Bream and John Williams: Collaborating with Composers.

On Tuesday 26 May 2020Marco Ramelli and Marta Dolzadelli will lecture on the Roberto Gerhard’s Guitar Music.

The series has already had lectures in April and May, which are still available for viewing via the website. These include:

On Tuesday 7 April 2020 Sasha Savaloni lectured on Franz Schubert

On Tuesday 14 April 2020 Andrea de Vitis lectured on Alexandre Tansman

On Tuesday 21 April 2020 Eoin Flood lectured on The Influence of Santería in Leo Brouwer’s Guitar Music

On Tuesday 28 April 2020 Enrica Savigni lectured on Fernando Sor

On Tuesday 5 May 2020 Ian Watt lectured on Agustín Barrios

On Tuesday 12 May 2020 Luiz Mantovani, of the State University of Santa Catarina – UDESC, lectured on Ferdinand Rebay.

On Tuesday 19 May 2020 Lorenzo Micheli, of the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, lectured on the Caprichos de Goya by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

All of these events are free and are held on Zoom. To participate in forthcoming lectures, email Marco Ramelli, at: marco.ramelli@tudublin.ie

To subscribe to the series newsletter, visit: A Cup of Tea Together

 © Thérèse Wassily Saba  2020

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