On this day, 19 October 2017, we remember Roland Dyens, who would have been celebrating his 62nd birthday. The Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris will commemorate his birthday with a concert this evening of music and musicians who have been inspired by and who inspired Roland Dyens:

ROLAND DYENS Tunis, Tunisia, 5th movement Hamsa extract Olivier Chassain, Tristan Manoukian, Caroline Delume, and Giani Caserotto

OLIVIER CHASSAIN Blues for Roland, creation
Olivier Chassain

ROLAND DYENS Saudade no. 3 extract of the 3 Saudades Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther

– an arrangement by Roland Dyens Orestis Kalampalikis

– an arrangement by Roland Dyens Cécile Rabemananjara

ROLAND DYENS Valse des loges from Three polyglot pieces Laurent Blanquart

ROLAND DYENS Tango in Skaï Orestis Kalampalikis and Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther

ROLAND DYENS  Allegro from Concerto en si for solo guitar and guitar ensemble – in homage to Castelnuovo-Tedesco Jérémy Jouve, solo guitar
Natalia Makovskaya, Margot Fontana – Raphaël Feuillâtre, Baptiste Ramond 
Omar Nicho Maxime Sénizergues  – Félix BelthoiseDimby Maxime Rasamoelina  – Vincent Kappes, conducted by Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther 

ROLAND DYENS  Tambourou for guitar ensemble and four percussion Natalia Makovskaya Margot Fontana– Raphaël Feuillâtre Baptiste Ramond

Omar Nicho Maxime Sénizergues – Félix Belthoise, Dimby Maxime Rasamoelina
Vincent KappesCorentin Aubry Arthur Dhuique-Mayer
Emmanuel Jacquet and Valentin Dubois, percussion
Conducted by Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther

MAURICE RAVEL Bolero (adaptation for guitar ensemble by Roland Dyensrevised by Bastien Burlot and Orestis KalampalikisOrestis Kalampalikis – Tristan Manoukian, Natalia Makovskaya
Margot Fontana– Caroline Delume, Raphael Feuillâtre
Baptiste Ramond – Giani Caserotto Omar Nicho
Maxime Sénizergues – Jérémy Jouve, Félix Belthoise – Dimby-Maxime Rasamoelina
Olivier Chassain, Micah Leem, Nikola Prokopcova – Bogdan Mihailescu, Alexia Knopp
Sergio Santiago Tovar – Rémy Reber, Ji Hyung Park, Thimotée Vinour
Armen Denoyan, Kyota Imoto, – Benjamin Garson, Rémy Patel – Vincent Kappes
Conducted by Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther

The concert will be in the Salle Rémy Pflimlin at the Conservatoire of Paris, Thursday 19 October 2017 at 7pm.

In 2015, Kathleen Bergerson met with Roland Dyens at a brasserie on the Left Bank in Paris to interview him for Classical Guitar magazine:

Kathleen Bergeron: You are a teacher, a musician, a composer, transcriber, and arranger. And you perform many different types of music: classical, of course, but also jazz, tango, folk, and pop. If we were to assign a label to Roland Dyens, what would it be?

Roland Dyens: I’m most complicated to define. But my “homeland” is classical music. I was taught classical from childhood—the jazz part I picked up on my own. So I feel I’m not a jazz player, but a classical player visiting other “places” away from home from time to time. As for labels, I feel I am flexible. I love this word: flexible.

Read more of: Roland Dyens Continually Defies Convention with his Bold Playing and Diverse Compositions

Roland Dyens died on Saturday 29 October 2016. He had been ill with lung cancer but had kept working and honouring his concert and teaching commitments as much as possible, so that news of his death came as a great shock and left us all with a feeling of deep sadness for the loss of such a fine, inspired and generous musician who gave so much to us all and continues to do so through his compositions and recordings and his teaching. Here are some of the Tributes to Roland on Classical Guitar Magazine.

His spirit will remain with us all always through his music, which one cannot help but want to play.

© Thérèse Wassily Saba 2017