Flaugissimo Duo’s Sunday Afternoon Series: Music for Theorbo

Flaugissimo Duo with Yu-Wei Hu on flute and Johan Lövfing on guitar and theorbo continue their Sunday afternoon concert series from their home in London at 3pm on Sunday 5 July 2020.

In this concert, however, we will be hearing Johan Löfving performing works for solo theorbo by J.S. Bach and Kapsberger, as well as a work for solo theorbo written for him by the composer Sam Cave called Curved Lines ‘Gainst Square Glass.

Here is a taster of Sam Cave’s Curved Lines ‘Gainst Square Glass:

Sam Cave’s programme note explains more:.

An attempt to capture and inhabit the melancholy of a moment and the resonance of the theorbo were the major inspirations for this work. The way in which the instrument can be inactive yet restless and intense, seemingly weightless and still produce sounds of great gravitas proved endlessly fascinating to me during the composition of the piece. Curved Lines ‘Gainst Square Glass was written, with great admiration, for Johan Lofving.

This modern work for theorbo has piece is published by BabelScores at:

To listen to the recital visit Flaugissimo Duo’s Live page – for this concert as well as earlier ones in the series.

© Thérèse Wassily Saba 2020

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