Master guitar-maker Gernot Wagner visits London Guitar Studio

Gernot WagnerThe London Guitar Studio have organised a Meet the Maker event with the renowned German guitar-maker GERNOT WAGNER on Monday 7 December 2015.

This is a unique opportunity to hear this pioneering guitar-maker speak about his development of the Double Top guitar – an idea which was developed along a slightly different line by his colleague Matthias Dammann.

GernotWagner©TW Saba1908_238It was Gernot Wagner’s idea to use Nomex® technology in a double top construction for classical guitars and he has always been keen to share his knowledge and approach to the construction.

As well as speaking about guitar construction, Gernot Wagner will be bringing pictures showing in detail the various stages of construction, his workshop with his specially designed machinery which gives him the refined level of cabinet-making in the guitars which he builds – and most importantly, he will be bringing his latest guitar!

To attend Meet the Maker with GERNOT WAGNER on Monday 7 December 2015, at 2pm, please R.S.V.P. to London Guitar Studio, 62 Duke Street, London, W1K 6JT. Tel. 020 7493 1157. Website

© 2015 Thérèse Wassily Saba

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