Blogging about Flamenco – My Flamenco Diary


My Flamenco Diary was established on Posterous on 8 July 2009 after an inspirational concert and interview of Pepe Habichuela at the Barbican in London.

Posterous closed down on 30 April 2013 and so I moved My Flamenco Diary to WordPress.

Before I had to say farewell to Posterous, I decided to have a look at the statistics from My Flamenco Diary: there have been 53,019 site views and some quite impressive statistics for some of the individual blogs; I am mentioning only the ones that passed the 5,000 views mark:

Eva Yerbabuena – Cuando yo era…  6,306 views ***

Flamenco Festival 2012 London, New York, Washington, Boston  8,577 views ***

Flamenco Festivals – Festival de Jerez  8,862 views ***

Flamenco cantaor – Enrique Morente  10,045 views ***

Flamenco Film Night – Flamenco Flamenco  6,366 views ***

Flamenco Film Night – Carmen  7,465 views ***

Flamenco bailaor y bailarín – Antonio Gades  8,311 views ***

Flamenco on television  5,251 views ***

Understanding Flamenco – Siguiriyas  12,543 views ***

Flamenco Blogs – Andrés Batista  12,453 views ***

Flamenco Film Night – Café de Chinitas  12,754 views ***

La Guitarra Flamenca – Juan Manuel Cañizares  12,942 views ***

Dance Marathon in Madrid  7,470 views ***

Flamenco percussion – castanets  8,769 views ***

Flamenco piano – Diego Amador  7,206 views ***

Flamenco Film Night – El Embrujo del Fandango  6,157 views ***

Understanding Flamenco – Fandango 6,402 views ***

Latin GRAMMY Nominations – Best Flamenco Album  5,226 views ***

La Guitarra Flamenca – Andrés Batista  6,209 views: ***

Thank you to all my readers; I do occasionally blog about Flamenco here on International Classical Guitar, but for more flamenco, visit My Flamenco Diary!

© 2015 Thérèse Wassily Saba

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