You and Your Guitar – Part V: Repetitive Strain Injury

You and Your Guitar is a series of eight articles which I wrote with the chartered physiotherapist Jane Kember, who at the time was also working as an advisor for BAPAM, the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine; they were published in Classical Guitar magazine from November 1995–September 1996. While the illustrations are ‘rudimentary’, hopefully the text might have some useful ideas.

Part V: Repetitive Strain Injury

FOLLOWING the statement in a recent trial that ‘there is no such thing as RSI’, my patients of that day came in asking: ‘What have I got then, because it certainly  is painful and stops me playing?’ I know that they have valid symptoms and that the patients were consistent in describing their condition but this area is a minefield for diagnosis and provokes long, vigorous discussions amongst therapists and clinicians. 


This series of articles aims to raise the level of awareness of musicians to their bodies. It is not a substitute for seeking professional help when problems arise. Each of the articles in the series focuses on one aspect of the body, but please remember that no part can be considered in isolation. The body and mind work together as a whole.

Published in Classical Guitar magazine, Vol. 14, no. 7, March 1996, pp. 31–32.

© 2016 Thérèse Wassily Saba

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